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AVG scan found corrupted exe files and may be infected by unknown virus

I'm running an AVG scan of my laptop and I've have multiple files that are corrupted executible files and may be infected by unknown virus alerts...but how do I get clear / rid of these issues?  So far it's found 25 threats found as well.  

Do I need to go to each location and delete the files?  I'm running AVG 11 free edition on an XP SP3.

I'm also running Malwarebytes at the same time as well and it's found 1 infected file.

Please help!
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Depending on what those files are.
Boot the system into safe mode and run sfc /scannow (you will need to have your OS install disk handy or have the i386 folder from the CD on the system.
c:\cabs etc.

I would download MS security essentials, uninstatiall AVG, install MS security essentials and update MS security essentials. Did you notice where these infected files were ? I would force MS security essentials to do a full scan unless I am sure where the infection is. On many machines the user profiles is infected so I just scan the user
directories. Need both a good AV (MS security essentails updated ) and good malware removal tools( malware bytes or spybot )
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