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User not seeing colored text on a blackberry curve 8330

I have a user that carries a blackberry 8330 curve.  It's connected to BES.  He receives emails on a regular basis that, when sent, had colored text.  When he reads it on the blackberry device, the text is always black.  Other users who carry the same device and receive the same email - see the text in the color that was initially used in the message's original formatting.

Any ideas on where a setting would be on the handheld that would display text in black, regardless of original formatting?
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Looks like he doesn't have Rich Text emails enabled?


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on the device your saying?  where is this setting?  we've looked all over for a setting like this and can't find it.
what the user wants is "HTML email" enabled on his device. there are three requirements for that :


the BES server has activated "HTML email" --> see IT team for that


the device has an OS 5.0 or OS 6.0 and the option is activated (home screen >> messages >> menu >> options >> email settings >> enable HTML email >> Yes)


the sender sends an email with colored text (either HTML or RTF)
For reference, I am with the IT team and we have other users that receive colored text just fine.  That tells me it's not a BES issue.

I will check on the OS level.
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The solutions from the expects indicated the problem was with BES.  The problem was with the phone itself.  No other devices connected to bes were having any problems.