Does DSL Service go down if the power goes out?

Just curious, I know is the probably provider specific...

Since I can still us my phone if the power goes out would I still be able to use the DSL, if I had it.  This assumes I have my computers and necessary hardware on UPS.  This probably also depends on level of service.  I am not just a consumer in this scenario.  I won't be hanging any servers on my service.

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If your DSL modem + Computer are powered through UPS, yes you will have internet.
DSL is using Copper cable. Then you can send alert on power loss.

We are doing this and are still connected 30 minutes after powerloss.

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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Based on your description that you can still use your phone if the power goes out AND you have the necessary hardware on a UPS then yes you can still use it for as long as the UPS is good for. Some things to keep in mind though is why the power went out? In an electrical storm it is still a good idea to turn off any electrical equipment. How long is the UPS good for? Most UPS's are designed to keep power supplied long enough to perform an orderly shut down. They are different than an alternative power source such as a generator.
Rommel SultanCommented:
In my case no. It is always up. ISP usually have a redundant power supply.
All my devices are plug to UPS including Broadband modem.

Faisal KhanCommented:
If your broadband(DSL) router is on UPS then it means you got DSL live.
In this case any devide directly connected with router (which we assume is on ups) will be able to get internet/DSL connection.
But if your staff/users are connected on any other switch which is not on UPS then it means they would not be on network so no DSL for them.
by the way on powe cut all PCs will be down if they are not on ups, only laptop users will be able to live as long as their battery is live.
hope this hleps.  
Faisal KhanCommented:
On ISP side i am sure they should have redundent power supply as its main demand of their business nature  but the reason you are getting broadband at your end is your UPS, which you are using at ur end. If you think that these power down  could be longer in interval then you should shut down your equipment as pony10us said.
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