intel processor ordering from low to high

I'm trying to see where best an older processor "fits" between newer processors.
Below is the old one, and then a list of newer ones.
Either by performance or "value" (probably the same ordering)

Old processor:
E5320 quad core xeon  1.86GHz  

Business Class:  single processor multi core
i5 750  2.67GHz  quad core
X3440 Xeon Lynnfield  2.53GHz  quad core                      

Enterprise Class:  Dual Processors Multi Core
E5506 Nehalem 2.13 GHz                                                          
E5520 Nehalem 2.26 GHz  (HT)

thanks for your advice
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For those five CPU's, the ordering is correct, although it's hard to compare server and desktop-CPU's as they have other features you might need. For instance you can put two E5320's in a dual Xeon setup, but you can't use twee i5 750's or two X3440's on one board.

Also take a look at for specs of Intel CPU's.
willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
thanks all.
Other than "features"  is the general usefulness as a LAMP server in that order?

the rank ordering (parens below)  from shows
E7500  (574)  (slowest)           (not in above list, but needing a lower neighbor)
E5320 (220)                           <-- the one i'm trying to find the "neighbors" for
i5  (80)
E5520 (76)
X3440   (45)
E5506 (34)
I didn't use that before, and it seems odd an i7 980X outperforms a W3680 (and an X5680) by about 10%, although these CPU's are practically identical...

The original ordering was better that that last ordering... The E5520 is better than the E5506 in any way (except price) as it has the same architecture, but a higher clockspeed and hyperthreading.

For a LAMP-server, the usefullness is indeed as in the original order, but you'll probably have to take the price of the CPU or the price of the CPU/RAM/Motherboard-combo into account too, and define what load your LAMP-server will generate on the CPU.
willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
perfect thanks all.
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