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exchange 2010 OWA login issue

is there a way within exchange 2010 OWA to have user login with out having to put in a domian\username.
I am able to setup for one domain, but our company has 5 different domains.

ex. userA can login to OWA with just their username.   but userB who is on a different domain called DomainB
has to login with DomainB\userB. is there a setting where I can add all my domains in?

thanks for your help.
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wow really, yeah i was scared of that. I have been searching for a while,

the thing is. my old exchange 2003 server that we upgraded from didn't need domain\username we just used login names and it worked just fine across the different domains.

Did they take this feature out of 07 and 2010 exchange.

You can select option -username only on properties of OWA virtual directory in Exchange management console & do IISRESET
Yeah you can do that, but it will still ask you for which domain. And I can only pick One of the five domains I have.  So i'm back to square one.