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How to eliminate HP "NAG" screens on a printer.

I have an HP Photosmart D7460 color inkjet printer. It uses cartridges that have a chip on it. I don't mind buying cartridges when needed, but often it will tell me that my cartridge is too OLD when it is an unused HP cartridge that is imprinted with a FUTURE date. Sometimes I must hit the accept screen SIX times before it will print. It warns that my warranty will be VOID if I continue. NO problem. I haven't had a warranty on it for years. How can I program this printer to stop the warnings?
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It's not the printer but the HP printing software that resides on your PC.  What OS are you running?
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Running Win 7. OH! I neglected to mention that it is on the LCD screen on the printer that the nag messages keep apearing. I cannot print until they are done with their "helpful messages".