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Remove Word Formatting from a Document

I am using Word 2003.

and I have imported around 5 pages for text for editing from some OCR software ( Read Iris Pro).

The import of text is almost perfect BUT  Word now is every difficult to manage as there seems to be text boxes etc and other formatting applied to the document which is making it v.difficult edit.

How do I remove all this formatting from Word?
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Rob Hutchinson
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You can select all the text, then click on Clear Formatting in the Styles and Formatting pane. This will set all paragraph and font formatting to "Normal"

I assume that the textboxes were created by the OCR software to retain a specific document layout. The text boxes will not be affected by the "Clear Formatting" command. You will need to copy and paste the text from the text box into its proper position, then delete the text box.

cheers, teylyn

Tell your OCR software to output to notepad instead of word then you will NOT have any formating at all to start with.
If you copy the text into notepad it will remove all the boxes. No copy again form notepad and then past it back into a new word document.
Hope this helps.
here is some tips
how to open notepad:  Click on Start > Run > Type here notepad and press enter.
How to open another word document: Click on Start > Run > Type here winword and press enter.
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WiReDNeT, teylyn, neilsr and softwaresoft - thanks.