Using Linked Servers in multi-part identifiers

Below is a stored procedure that existed prior to an archiving strategy being implemented.
Now after archiving, two of the tables (OEEEvent and OEEEventFlexData) now exist on an archive server, set up as a Linked Server.

For my reporting on archived items, I need it revised to:

OEEConfigEvent.sDescription AS sEventDesc,
[MyLinkedServer].[ArchiveDB].[ArchiveUser].OEEEventFlexData.sFlex1String AS VIN,
[MyLinkedServer].[ArchiveDB].[ArchiveUser].OEEEventFlexData.sFlex2String AS CSN,
[MyLinkedServer].[ArchiveDB].[ArchiveUser].OEEEventFlexData.dFlex3Numeric AS [Tracking Number],
dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_BroadcastTimestamp AS BroadcastTime,
dbo.Cus_Platforms.PlatformName, dbo.Cus_Platforms.PlatformLabel,
dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_CommodityPart1 AS [Part Number],
dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_PVI AS [PVI]

I get an error of the form "The multi-part identifier "MyLinkedServer.ArchiveDB.ArchiveUser.Table.Column" could not be bound.

OEEConfigEvent.sDescription AS sEventDesc, 
OEEEventFlexData.sFlex1String AS VIN, 
OEEEventFlexData.sFlex2String AS CSN, 
OEEEventFlexData.dFlex3Numeric AS [Tracking Number], 
dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_BroadcastTimestamp AS BroadcastTime,
dbo.Cus_Platforms.PlatformName, dbo.Cus_Platforms.PlatformLabel,
dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_CommodityPart1 AS [Part Number],
dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_PVI AS [PVI]
LEFT OUTER JOIN BizwareUser.OEEEventFlexData ON OEEEvent.lOEEEventId = OEEEventFlexData.lOEEEventId 
LEFT OUTER JOIN BizwareUser.OEEConfigEvent ON OEEConfigEvent.lOEEConfigEventId = OEEEvent.lOEEConfigEventId 
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Cus_Orders ON (OEEEventFlexData.dFlex3Numeric = dbo.Cus_Orders.TrackingNumber)
AND (dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_VIN = OEEEventFlexData.sFlex1String)
AND (dbo.Cus_Orders.CSNNumber = OEEEventFlexData.sFlex2String)

--Modified Aug 14/07
--LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Cus_PlatformID_By_PartID ON dbo.Cus_PlatformID_By_PartID.BroadCastPartNumber = dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_CommodityPart1
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Cus_PlatformID_By_PartID ON (dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_CommodityPart1 = dbo.Cus_PlatformID_By_PartID.BroadCastPartNumber) and (dbo.Cus_Orders.Make = dbo.Cus_PlatformID_By_PartID.Make or dbo.Cus_PlatformID_By_PartID.Make is null)	

LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Cus_Platforms ON (dbo.Cus_PlatformID_by_PartID.PlatformID = dbo.Cus_Platforms.PlatformNumber)
WHERE (OEEConfigEvent.sFolder = 'Torque Wrench Data') 
AND (OEEEventFlexData.sFlex2String = @CSN) 
AND (OEEEvent.loeeconfigworkcellid <> 1000004)
AND (OEEEvent.loeeconfigworkcellid <> 1000005)
GROUP by tStart,OEEConfigEvent.sDescription, sFlex1String, sFlex2String, dFlex3Numeric, dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_CommodityPart1, 
dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_PVI, PlatformName, PlatformLabel,  dStart, dbo.Cus_Orders.BR_BroadcastTimestamp
ORDER BY sEventDesc

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DBAduck - Ben MillerPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You should alias these tables when you use them so that they can be referenced with little trouble.

So if you had this:
FROM [MyLinkedServer].[ArchiveDB].[ArchiveUser].OEEEventFlexData

Then you would do this:
FROM [MyLinkedServer].[ArchiveDB].[ArchiveUser].OEEEventFlexData AS LinkedOEEEventFlexData

Then you would reference the columns as

Then the query will understand what you are trying to accomplish.

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jdallen75Author Commented:
Thanks! For some reason, I was trying to assign the alias in the SELECT clause rather than the FROM clause :-(
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