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Remoting into XP Pro workstation using machine name

In recent w.station adds to existing Domain,,I add the workstation to domain,,but can only remote connect via Remote Desktop to the XP Pro workstation using the IP for the workstation. Why cant I remote connect to the XP Pro w.station using the workstation network name?
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Rob Hutchinson
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can you ping the name?
go to a command prompt, then type in:
ping yourcomputername

If no response, try:
tracert yourIPaddress
Is the DNS record for the machine being created?
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This is a wild stab in the dark but check if "File and Printer Sharing" is ticked under your Windows Firewall" Exceptions Tab.
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Danny Child
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If you are running DNS on the local network, check to ensure there isn't any incorrect DNS entries for the PC's name.
As a "hack", you can always edit your hosts file on the machine you are remoting from to point the name to the proper IP address. The destination IP address should never change, or it would eventually break if it obtained a new IP.
Not resolving properly. DNS issue.

Try to run ipconfig /flushdns first before doing something else.
Make sure the DNS settings are correct on the PC.  Check by pinging the machine's FQDN, if this resolves, check that WINS is enabled.  If you can ping the DNS name, but not the NetBIOS name then its a WINS issue.
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I request that this remain open...and YES I will give this attention and reply accordingly
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No,,I cannot ping network machine name,,,only IP.
I will perform a flushdns.
No DNS on local network.
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I would like to keep this dialogue ongoing for now...and yes I will provide feedback to suggestions
No DNS on local network
. Are you saying you don't have a dns server on the network?
This in simplicity would point to your problem since you need a dns server on the network if you are going to use the machine name to access the computer.

Check your current DNS settings for the computer you are trying to access remotely.
To do this, Click Start > Run > type cmd and press enter. Type ipconfig /all and look for the Network adapter you are using to connect to the network. Let us know what your DNS setting are and to which computer or device it's pointing to.
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Thanks DanCh99:
This was the link that led me to the solution.