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Hi there,

I'm in pain :(

I did a Firmware upgrade on my Linux QNAP 209 Pro NAS Server and it went wrong for some reason.

I have gained access using the QNAP Live CD (Linus OS) and started copying which is great (1.5 TB to USB External).  After 8 hrs its stopped due to my laptop shutting down for some reason.  I really dont wana start coppying the whole thing only for it to go wrong again.

Is there a command in bash 'rsync' that will resume whats remaining?

After some research, I'v tried:

rsync -rav --ignore-existing /media .

Open in new window

but it seems to go through the whole thing again :(

What do I do to save time?

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That's what Rsync is used for.. :-)

rsync --rvlpogt /source /destination --progress

It will copy what is remaining... Good luck!

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IekosAuthor Commented:
Ok.  It seems to have resumed :) yay.

So I understand it better, can I ask, why did my code not work?
I guess it is because of the ending /. If you mess it up then it copies it all over again.
IekosAuthor Commented:
Perfect..  I'm starting to really enjoy Linux :)
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