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How do I loop over multiple file uploads and update the database with the file.serverfile name?


I have some form fields that are dynmacially named based on a recordID from a database.

In that form  a user can add  file uploads to upload images and videos.

My problem is I can't update the database with the file.serverfile name (It puts the temp file name in there)  

Here is my code so far

Thanks for the help
<cfloop array="#ListToArray(FORM.req_part_ids)#" index="req_part_id">
	<!--- Do Project level name/description (_p#_n0) --->
	<cfset project_name = FORM["TXTPROJECTNAME_P#req_part_id#_N0"]>
	<cfset project_description = FORM["txtprojectdesc_P#req_part_id#_N0"]>
	<cfset project_workplan = FORM["fleworkplan_P#req_part_id#_N0"]>

	<cffile action="upload" variable="#project_workplan#" destination="#thisDir#" nameconflict="makeunique"source="#thisDir#" >

	<!--- Update tblCandidatePortfolioProjects --->
	<cfquery name="qudateproject" datasource="accred">
			update tblCandidatePortfolioProjects
			set project_name = <cfqueryparam value="#project_name#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar">,
			    project_description = <cfqueryparam value="#project_description#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar">,
				work_plan_filename = <cfqueryparam value="#project_workplan#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar">	
			where	req_part_id = <cfqueryparam value="#req_part_id#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_integer">

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Thanks for the reply.
 Changing it to "filefiled" doesn not upload the files to the correct folder and gives an error of :
The form field C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\servers\coldfusion\SERVER-INF\temp\wwwroot-tmp\neotmp811849374809318685.tmp did not contain a file. "

I think the reason is because there is  not a "hard coded" form field name being passed.

Thats the reason why I thought I could use the variable attribute for the cffile. It just doesnt put the file.serverfile name in the database.

Do you know of a way to take this part of the loop :
"<cfset project_workplan = FORM["fleworkplan_P#req_part_id#_N0"]>"
and have it output the actual name of the file?

Disregard my last comment
"FileField" was the correct attribute.

The problem was with the loop. I did'nt need the "Form" in FORM["txtprojectdesc_P#req_part_id#_N0"]>

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the filefield argument expects a form field NAME (not the value of the field) so I think you need:


You posted before I could. Excellent troubleshooting.