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I have windows 32 on a dual boot situation. I want to upgrade that to windows 7 64.

I read that I can use the same product key that I purchased to activate the 64 bit version of windows 7, if I uninstall the 32 bit version.

I have both an activated 32 bit Win7 and a 64 bit that won't activate, on my dual boot menu.
Can I just delete the win 7 32 partition and then be able to activate the 64 bit?
Or is there an official way to de-activate the win 7 32 so I can use the product key on the win 7 64?

Or any suggestion of the best way to procede would be appreceated.
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Gary Case
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Although some vendors do provide a means of "de-activating" their products so you can move them to another machine, Microsoft does not.

Providing your copy of Windows 7 is a RETAIL version (i.e. NOT an OEM version), you are indeed permitted to use EITHER the x32 version OR the x64 version.

What you effectively want to do is reinstall the OS, this time choosing the other version.    You'll need to call Microsoft's activation line to do this, but I'm reasonably sure they'll provide you with the appropriate key, since it's the SAME machine and you'll still just be using one version of the software.

Note that if you have an OEM version of '7, they were shipping with only ONE version of the media, and are not licensed for the alternative version.
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No it's not an OEM version, it's a downloaded version from digital river.
Ok, so I just need to call the activation center?
Thanks very much.
You issue reminds me of another one I've dealt in the past, where there is windows 7 x64  and windows xp on separate partitions and drives and deleting the windows xp caused the windows 7 to not boot anymore only solution that i had found was to back up the data as its all still there and repartition the drives. Windows 7 has some problems with dual booting as i've encountered same problems with Linux install with it . what you should do if you go about reinstalling windows 7 start with proper sized partitions and windows 7 x64 first  and then the other os as you will have windows complain otherwise.
I recommend you trying to install Windows 7 64bit as third OS on the same machine.
If it does not activate with your key then you can easily use your Windows 32bit without any problem.
Here are instructions how to create safe multiboot configuration:
Ok lots to consider.

Noxcho, I have win7 64 installed and booting, along with 2 installs of win7 32, at different stages of app installs, but the win7 64 is not activated. (I haven't really tried to activate it, assuming it won't as the 32 versions are using it's product key.)

Win server 2008 r2 is also installed and booting fine. Maybe im lucky per Sudo's post.

Just after trying win server 08 as main destop, I've decided to settle on win7 64 as main desktop.
So what you should do then if you have all the window 7  partition under one key remove the win7 32 and install the win 7 64  and leave the server 2008 alone if you want it around. Though to have 2 win 7 partition would take a bit of HD space unless you aren't worried about that.
When you say "remove" win32, is that uninstall or reformat partition? I have win7 64 installed already.
Garycase suggests, if I understand, to re-install win7 64.
Oh btw, not so worried about hard drive space at the moment.
Depends if you want to reformat the partition or are fine with current partition in which case uninstall would only be necessary.
You do not have other chances that formatting partition where Win32 is installed. Windows does not have "uninstall" feature. But be sure that you Win64 loader is not located on Win32 partition.
You shouldn't have to reinstall Windows 7 x64  ==>  you just need to call Microsoft and explain that you've uninstalled the x32 version and want to activate x64.
Yea, noxcho, I read you post about the multiboot and the problems with windows bootmanager taking over the various installs.  
I'm using NGBoot-it, is there an easy way for me to tell if the Win64 loader is on the Win32 partition.  

As, both Gary and Sudo use the term "uninstall" and noxcho, I think you'e saying "unistall" is not an option, I  will have to re-format the partition, in order to tell MicroSoft truthfully I am not using Win7 32?

 Is there a way to "de-activate" Win7 32 by adding an incorrect product key and trying to re-activate with it?

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Oh I see Sudo, let me try booting up into my NGboot-it and making sure I can delete the os there.
But I seem to recall being to do that there.
I will tell you for sure where your loader is located if you boot into Windows 64 - enter Windows Disk Management and take screen shot of it. Post it here.
If you go to Partition Work in Boot-It NG you can simply select the partition that contains your x32 version and click on Delete.     Be SURE, however, that you delete the correct partition.

If you installed '7 x64 correctly under Boot-It's control, the OS is entirely contained on a single partition and will run perfectly.    You can tell by looking at the boot item for x64 => if it only has one partition visible for the OS, then clearly it's booting fine from that partition.

The activation should be a very quick phone call to Microsoft -- just tell them you're switching to the x64 version and are no longer using x32, and they should give you the appropriate key to activate it.
Ok good stuff, thanks all. Noxcho I'll get that screen shot up as I'm very interested in learning about mbr's and such.
All right screen shot here of win7x64.
Gary I looked in Boot-it, none of the OS's seemed to have more than one partition. So I guess that's good.
I do have a few images that won't boot that I think I'll  post another thread about. But all-in-all, boot-it has been working great. I see the delete button, so ridding myself of 7x86 should be no problem.
Unless noxcho sees something in this SS that would be a problem.
 User generated image
Hmm, that image looked fine here, and also is fine when downloaded, but no so good as posted...

Anyway, I should have marked it, but it's the partition labled, win 7 64bit, first partition on disk1
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Gary, you're right. I'm off to do it.
I'll report results later.
Once you have x64 activated, you should -- to be sure what you told Microsoft is accurate -- delete the x32 partition.    You may, however, want to wait a short while until you've confirmed that the x64 version is indeed what you want to keep.    I've seen several cases where folks with x64 installs decided to revert to x32 ... primarily for compatibility with older software packages.    Since you'll be dual-booting (or multi-booting if you have more than 2 OSs) between the x32 and x64 installs, you'll never be in violation of the "use only one" restriction on your license ... although you should eventually delete one of them, since it's a violation to have them both activated.    [I'd characterize this as a violation of the legal language, but not of the intent ... since you've clearly not running them both at once.]
Got you....
Feels good to be activated though...
as a picture tells a 1000 words.

Well on to the next problems... haha User generated image
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Hard to make divides here as all feed back was most usefulll. But alas thank you again experts for a job well done.