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hello there,
I would like to know how can I match numbers for example in the (2 downloaded images)
I would like to match only numbers that are over 35.. how can I do that?

<SPAN class=fcg>2 downloaded images</SPAN></DIV>
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do you mean get numbers from the string "2 downloaded images" ?
XK8ERAuthor Commented:
You will haveto work out how to extract the string to:

Dim MyElement As XElement = "<SPAN class=fcg>2 downloaded images</SPAN>"

'then get the value of the XElement and split by space

Dim MyString = MyElement.value.ToString.Split(" ")

For x = 0 to MyString.Count - 1
        If IsNumeric(MyString(x)) Then
           If MyString(x) > 35 Then MessageBox.Show("Over 35 index " & x)
        End If

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Mohamed AbowardaSenior Software EngineerCommented:
Here is a function to extract the first number from string:
Public Function getNum(ByVal str As String)
    Dim s() As String = str.Split(Space(1))
    For Each word As String In s
        If IsNumeric(word) Then
            Return word
        End If
    Return False
End Function

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XK8ERAuthor Commented:
I am looking for the regex pattern something like this.. but its not working

Dim pattern As String = "<(?<tag>\w*)>[\n\s]*(?<text>.*" & txt2highlight & ".*)[\n\s]*</\k<tag>>"
You never asked for a regex pattern in the first place. In-fact, you responded to my query in the positive when asked to clarify on whether it was from a string.

To my mind, both solutions suggested here so far answer your initial question. If you'd like to open another question about Regex, you indeed are free to do so, however, you will have to mark this question as answered.
Mohamed AbowardaSenior Software EngineerCommented:
Have you checked my solution?
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