Can someone explain to me what does function below means :

1. IMPLEMENT_SERIAL( CSoc, CAsyncSocket, 1 );
2. long FAR ThreadRoutine1( CPort* lpObj )
3. BOOL WINAPI CPort::InitAllDevices()

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Subrat (C++ windows/Linux)Software EngineerCommented:
These are function prototypes. You can get concrete info if looking into the documentation / the source code / comments etc...

>>BOOL WINAPI CPort::InitAllDevices()
This name says, it should initialize all devices and returns true/false if unable to do so. It belongs to Class CPort.
Hope it should be called first before doing anything else(calling any other functions of this class).
1. IMPLEMENT_SERIAL(): - this is to make the object serializable
2. ThreadRoutine1() - this is to run a separate thread. FAR specifier isn't relevant anymore
3. This is just a method in CPort class, but the only thing to notice about it that it has WINAPI specifier (see here for more details: - it is about the way functions are called and stack is cleaned

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