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How to configure IVR on Cisco Unity Express 8.0.2

Good night gents,

Can someone point me into the right direction on how to configure the IVR functionality for a Cisco Unity Express 8.0.2

I already have the prompts recorded.

Thank in advanced!

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Unity Express supports auto attendants.  It does not support complex IVR's in the same way as Cisco Contact Center.

This link explains how to configure Auto Attendant on Unity Express:

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This document gets you straight to the IVR configuration guide

It's the same for 8.x as it is for 7.x
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Are you trying to configure it on a UC500 by any chance?
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No Mark, I was just trying to recover a lost partition, which I think is lost.

Testdisk says that there is an error when trying to write the new partition table. :(
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Les Moore
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