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Word Press Database error on my blog

I have a blog,, and every few days it goes down with a WordPress error.  When I contact my host, they say that I have to re-enable the sql database.  I do that and then it goes down again a few days later.  Now a support person is telling me that the size of my database is too large.  They have a 200MB limit on the size of the sql database that WordPress uses...does this sound right?  I don't really know what I'm talking about.  They say they can't increase the size of the database...but how could that be?  There are tons of blogs with lots more content than my stuff stored in the database or not?  How do I get my database smaller without removing content?
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Steve Tempest
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Your blog doesn't look like it would take up 200mb to me ... at most maybe 10mb (and that's probably excessive)...

Do you have access to any tools provided by your hosting company?

Do you control the other blogs you mention in your post?

Do you pay anything for your blog to be hosted?

If you don't have access then I would suggest moving your hosting to another company.

Is that your only site?  Each time you install a plugin it keeps that info in the DB.  Looking at your site it doesn't look very big.  I run like 10 WP sites and maybe one of them is like 2MB.  You might want to move webhosts.
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Thanks for the help so far.  I'll try using PHPmyAdmin and if I need help I'll post for it.  Yes, the database is over 200MB, there must be something wrong with it, huh?  I'll get back to you all tomorrow.
forum databases are bigger than this!! I know because i transferred one, and it took me 2 days to figure out that i needed to use ssh to transfer hugh data to another database..So its not that hard to believe if that is possible...however, what is causing it to be so hugh for a WP site...Are you embedding images or something???

I think that you site is going offline due to memory be use up!! ;)
Ask your host to bump up your php.ini memory.

If you are using share server hosting, then your site can be affected by others who host on the same server you might not know of.

If your host doesn't want to work to increase the memory on db or php.ini , consider using another host with go server and unlimited space and band....

I don't think it is OK 200MB
You could try this extension

It will help you to see what table is filling up and take action.
I have someone smarter than I (but not as smart as you guys) working on this using the PHPMyAdmin tool, I'll keep you updated on what happens, what he finds.
Jeremy would you be willing to log into the site and take a look at it for me?  I tried downloading the PHPmyAdmin tool and am completely lost.  This is just not my area.  If you are willing, send me an email to mattbiel at gmail dot com
they are lying there is no way the normal database becomes 200mb
Who's lying, my hosting provider?  
do you know how to see the size of the database click on the database in phpmyadmin and have look at the end of size column it will show you total size
Here it is: User generated image
this is something really wrong if you posted only 55000 records and it is turning it into 300 plus mega its very strange now you have two options one is to find a deal with your current provider to enable you having a bigger database
2nd option is you get your cloud server host and it will take away the limit
i am still not convinced the 60000 records can fill database that much
can you do me a favour and export your database use compression format if its linux based server then gzip and then create this database on your local computer
mattibutt I can't increase database size I already tried that and my host says 200MB is their hard limit and they cannot increase it for any amount of money.

I do think that there must be something wrong with that database (corruption, spam, something) but I don't know what.  I need to hire someone to look at it and take care of it because this just isn't my bag.  I honestly don't know how to do the steps you asked in terms of gzip and creating it on my local computer.  what would I create it in?  I also have no idea if it's a linux server.
I sent you an E-mail, did you receive it?
jeremy, no i did not receive it. I'm sorry about that.  I checked my junk but it's not in there either.   could you try again?  mattbiel at gmail dot com
ok i tell you simple soloution if you have someone technical move your blog else where buy a cloud server package its very cheap and you will do away from the limit of database then investigate later but you must backup your database asap
OK, Matt I received your message. Sorry it took so long to respond, Monday is usually my busiest day.
Thanks!  There was a lot of spam in the comments