What Are Some Backup Options for 9TB data in 70 Employee Office???

So we're dealing with a network consisting of 70 employees. 11 Servers (3 virtual) with about 9 Terabytes of data. Currently using a Dell PowerVault TL2000 which holds 24 tapes (1.6tb each).  The drive is using Symantec to manage.  The Exchange database is about 175GB and we're using Acronis to shadow a copy to our NAS drive for backup. All the data is generally active with about 5% needing to be archived.

The system is taking FOREVER to backup and the tape usage is nutz. What is a better way to backup this data? ...Without spending billions of dollars.  Right now we're doing, year-end and month-end and the tape consumption is just crazy.  Our full backups are taking about 3 days to complete.  We are however, getting 100% successful backups.  

We also use Undelete on the LAN (which is all Gigabit).

What's the best idea to grab all this data more efficiently, reliably and with less pucker factor???  :)

Thanks a million guys!
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We upgraded to a QNAP Raid NAS Sefver. Small, cheap, fast, upgradeable and both Symantec and Acronis can play.

Have a look at a QNAP 8 series.  Can hold 8 Raid 6+ Hard Drives (16gb) via a Gig network and has iSCSI for reliablility over wan if needed.


It is expensive ish, but QNAP does have smaller versions.

Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
As an option the TL2000 support LTO5 tape drives.  You can get a cheap NAS unit but also get an LTO5 drive for the week/month/year end backups.

Another option is to get a cheap SAN such as an MD3000 an to do disk to disk to it then to disk to tape. Eventually a dual tape drive autoloader is your best bet, allows you to run multiple tapes at ones with a newer SAS controller.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Do you need to keep your backups for a long time or just for a few weeks/months?  Your requirements will play a major role in what kind of backup solution to use.

Have you considered STAGGERING your backups so fulls don't occur at the same time.  Fully Backup servers 1,3,5,7,9 one weekend and 2,4,6,8 on another, meanwhile perform differentials every day a full is not run?  Many times, people seem to think that they must backup EVERYTHING at the same time... While you shouldn't let your fulls get too old, there's no reason why everything must be backed up with the same full.  Further, are you doing things with ONE job?  If the Dell library has two tape drives, why not create TWO jobs so BOTH can be running at the same time.  

Bottom line to me is that 9TB of data is A LOT of data.  There is no great solution other than tape that offers the ability to EASILY take backups off-site.  Tape does.  NAS/disk based storage does NOT.
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Pls remember, the QNAP is designed to take HDD's out for portability / insert in a fireproof safe..
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
That's nice... problem is a HD is more expensive than a tape and if the backups have to kept long term, it's NOT a great solution.  For smaller backup requirements that can be recycled on a regular basis, disk is fine and something I'd recommend... right tool for the right job - tape for LARGE backups and/or backups that cannot be quickly recycled, disk for small backups that can be quickly recycled.
dnscompaniesAuthor Commented:
Interesting point about the LTO5 support for the TL2000 Datavault. I suppose I just take the thing apart and replace the actual drive inside?  Are you aware if there's an enclosure for the old LTO4? Perhaps I can use that as a secondary system on my Exchange server.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Give Dell a call they should be able to give you specifics.  I typically deal with HP but have seen this done in a Dell chasis.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Under tape versatility on the link it states that it supports LTO-5

dnscompaniesAuthor Commented:
I'm seeing a ton of different speeds. What's the native speeds between LTO4 and LTO5??  Does that speed decrease a lot with compression?
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
LTO-4   800GB & 120MB/s
LTO-5 1500GB & 140MB/s

NB Speed Matching Minimum: LTO-4 = 40MB/s & LTO-5 = 47MB/s

All figures are for uncompressed HP devices.

Does the speed decrease with compression, NO, @2:1 it will actually except the data at up to 280MB/s
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
You might want to think about using incrementals for ever and synthetic fulls.


go with a Disk-2-Disk (D2D) or D2D2T and De-Duplication
dnscompaniesAuthor Commented:
Yes... we're doing incrementals now...
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
Incrementals or "Incrementals-forever + Synthetic Fulls"?
I would use a cheap nas box to do disk based backup over a dedicated backup network. go for readynas pro diskless (1000$ or less only) - you could actually buy two or more of these and configure one backup for the other boxes. cheap and gives good performances.
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