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Cannot ping Hyper-V VM from the network or access any Rolls when the Windows Firewall is turned on.

I setup a Hyper-V VM on Windows Server 2008 R2.  The VM can access the Internet and can also ping the Domain controller and other systems on the network.  The problem I am having is I cannot ping the VM or access any Rolls such as Remote Desktop Server from any system on the network, unless I turn off the Windows Firewall.  All access is one direction.  What are the correct Windows Firewall settings for a Hyper-V VM, because I don’t have this issue when I setup a standard (None VM) server?
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What type of networking did you setup under hyper-v. Are you sharing the ip address.
Virtual networking and switches are a new concept unless you are familiar with vmware.
Here is a good description of virtual networking
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You need to open the ports within the Hyper-V VM.
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I was able to allow ping by running the following command from this

Enable ICMP Replies via the local Command Prompt
Open and elevated command promt

To Enable Run:
netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8

To Disable Run:
netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8 disable