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How to re-install or create a parallel install of SharePoint on a different server yet still use the same database?

Is there a way to install SharePoint onto a different server than the original but point it to the same SQL instance?

I have a customer that their SharePoint server is phucked.  From what I can tell the Database is still ok.  My biggest concern is getting the data back up so that people can access it.  So is there a quick and easy way to install SP somewhere else and just screw the old server?  

Or even from a backup?  
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I think there is no "quick and easy way"
You can try to install clean sharepoint and to restore databases over default, clean ones. It worked for me with SPS 2010. However it depends on your config (I had simple site with minimum addons).
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Thanks Ach1lles I will run with that and see how it comes out.  I will let you know.

Another question being opened.
Does it matter if I install just SP but point it to the database that was a MOSS install?  Or do I have to find their MOSS software?  I fear that they don't know where their software is so it's just another mountain to climb and I'd like to avoid it if possible.  
I commented on your new question.  You can message me privately by clicking on my profile, then use the "Hire Me" link on the left to contact me.
Please update.
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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  I hate SP!