POP 3 connector on exchange broke.

I switched hosting company/email (nameservers) to godaddy.  That obviously broke my pop3 connector settings. I tried changing the settings but I'm still not receiving emails.  

i have shared hosting and basic pop3 email services through godaddy.com.  pop settings are:

incoming: pop.secureserver.net  
outgoing. smtpout.secureserver.net

My old main was.  xxxprinting.com

i went on the pop3 connection manager and changed all accounts to point to the new server.  from xxxprinting.com to pop.secureserver.net and changed the password.

but I don't know where else to make changes to send/receive emails.

Under OutMailServ properties. I also changed xxxprinting.com to pop.secureserver.net

under AddressSpace, should I change xxxprinting.com to pop.secureserver.net?

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Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
You may be confusing some of the terminology. If I read your post correctly you want to have mail sent to you@godaddy.com instead of you@yourdomain.com?  Why?

Or did you move your location for receving email from HostA to HostB, but keep the you@yourdomain.com address?  Assuming the latter:

Email flows from point of origin to destination. The point of origin is a mail server, regardless if it is a single user with Outlook Express or Live Mail or a member of a large corporation with hundreds of Exchange or Lotus or GroupWise servers.  The destination is determined by the MX record at the public DNS servers for the destination address.  In addition, there must be an account at the destination address that corresponds to the address name.  For example, if I send mail from my hotmail account to you at your godaddy account, my "mail server" (hotmail) would look at the public DNS records and determine to send the message to you@godaddy.com or you@yourdomain.godaddy.com, at www.xxx.yyy.zzz, the ip address for your email domain.  If there is a matching account for you.yourdomain.com or you@yourdomain.godaddy.com the mail would be received and held there until you open your web browser and read and delete it, or until you call it down with a pop3 account that knows the proper location and credentials.

All of this is to say that the whole process is easier and better if the public DNS record points "yourdomain.com"  to the external IP address or your SBS/exchange server and the mail flows directly to your mail server than to the one at godaddy.com.

The way you are setup now, you can test a couple of things.  First, if you open your own hotmail or msn or yahoo account, or ask a friend to do it, can they send mail to the account you are wanting to use?  If they do not get a Non Delivery Receipt (NDR), then can we open that account with web mail and see that the message is there?  If it is there, then the reason you can't pull it down with the Exchange pop3 connector must be that you don't have the correct settings or credentials.  You can use the exchange system manager to increase the logging to see how and where it fails.

As far as outgoing, pop3 has absolutely nothing to do with it.  From an exchange server you can send via DNS or via Smart Host, but neither of these is in anyway related to pop3.  You set the settings for email in the wizards in the SBS Management Console.

If you want to see what the public DNS records are for your email, use www.mxtoolbox.com or www.dnsstuff.com.  They will show you what you need to fix for your email to work properly on the public internet.

I strongly suggest that you give up pop3 mail and use smtp mail for your SBS as the intended.  Pop3 is a kludge and should be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

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