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Admin mailbox takes account down with it

OK, there are enough things in this scenario one shouldn't do to fill a book, but if we can get past that, I could use at least some advice. Bottom line is I have Outlook 2010 installed on my server (SBS 2008) on Exchange Server 2007. The first time it was opened it was configured with the default admin account. So, one of the mailboxes along with all of the users is one named It wasn't used for email, but it did have a few emails in there from over the past year.

I decided to remove the account from Outlook and did so, but the account was still listed in Exchange Mangement Console under the mailbox section. OK, so without having any idea what I was doing, I removed the account. Nothing happened. No big explosion, no warning message, just the account was gone.

Everything was fine except the actual account is also gone. The server works fine under another one of the accounts, only there are some benefits of having the original account. But, given it isn't an account anymore, I cannot log into it (obviously).

So, my question, besides why did simply removing a mailbox (at least that is what I thought) delete an entire account, is do I just continue by using another account or should I restore from the SBS backup? And, if I restore, even though all my data is on the D: drive, if I restore the system drive, does that mean that any data connected to SQL would be lost? (I would still have it backed up).

Or is there just something I am missing?
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Thanks viralrathod, that explains quite a bit. So, I am guessing there is no way to salvage that account. Why is it that as soon as the mailbox is gone and it deletes the associated account, that nothing happens. I am still looking at the computer as if it is the same account, but if you control alt delete, you can only log in with another account (which exists).
With all of the various warnings that Microsoft gives for minor issues, one would think Windows would at least say, "Hey, are you sure you want to do that?" I mean the delete button is right over on the side.
Thanks. Just made a whole new admin account.