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Why is the table still locked after swiching to InnoDB?

I used to have a lot of these lock tables when i execute "mysqladmin processlist"
| 721   | Locked                   | update matches_details set status='Full-time' where match_id='1193'

So I convert the table to InnoDB. I have less locked now about half, but why are some still locked?
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Kevin Cross
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You may have code setting a transactional lock some where.  Are these locks that are unexpected or problematic?
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Does the table have an index on match_id?  If there is no index then it will have to lock the complete table while it does scan of every row in the table.
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Yes, match_id is indexed.
One way or another you have many multiple-statement transactions going on that lock the same rows (or pages?  I forget how InnoDB does it), forcing them all to run serially.
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