the enterprise decided to delete emails older than 3 years. we use exchange server and outlook 2003 on my PC.

I exported the personal, archive and mailbox PST files from outlook folder stored on my pc to another disk. The export does one folder/subfolders at a time.

I was trying to test the import on another PC that has outlook 2003. It was not setup before.
I am getting the attached error messages. Any ideas how to fix this and test the backup I have.
I also tried importing to outlook express but did not see an import for PST file.
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Adding outlook files to another outlook is through Data Files managment not though Import / export.
please try it.

sam15Author Commented:
I think you are talking about outlook 2007.

There are many ways to back the files. Export/import is one method. Another is just copy the file from  the directories into another backup diretories.

ANy ideas on the errors attached or how to test the backup.
make default deleivery to PST & delete exchange or pop settings
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The messages show you have not configured the mailbox, as it is not connected to exchange server.
First configure the mailbox in outlook.
Then try import.
sam15Author Commented:
ut i cant seem to maange to open the application. The PC i am testing on is standalone now.

How can i configure  the mailbox in outlok if i cant open the application?

For backups, when i do File?Data Management it only shows me a list of the data files used and where they are located. Nothing there to back up.

When i drag the outlook data files to another disk or folder it tells me "Cannot copy archive". any ideas why?
if it is standalone. you can't configure  exchange account. need to configure through http or pop
if archive can't be copied. most probably outlook instanse is open . chec task manager.

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You can make a pop account and then open the PST file via Outlook -> File | Open | Outlook Data File
sam15Author Commented:
I managed to copy all the outlook files from the /outlook/ directory to a external hard disk for backup.

Now, how can i configure a POP server. I cant even open the outlook. It keeps kicking me out telling me it is not configured.

You can just create a pop3 email account on Gmail or yahoo, then configure your Outlook based on this. Actually, you can even create a virtual mail account even if it does not exist and the mail servers are virtual.
sam15Author Commented:
I have a yahoo account. is that a pop3 by default

But i keep asking how do you configure that in Outlook. I cant seem able to ope nthe application to configure anything ot you configure it from outside of outlook.
actually you don't need to configure any acocunt except male default deleivery to a pst
no outlook instance should be running under task manager
right click outlook icon in start menu ->properties -> email accounts --> data files
click add-> click ok ok ok
select that pst & click set as default
delete whatever is under e-mail tab
clear rss feeds tab
clear all other tabs (sharepoint / internet calendars etc etc............)
sam15Author Commented:
Do PST files labeld "Office DAta Files" under /outlook directory?

I copied all files from source PC including an outlook file, but when i trie to copy to a 3rd PC it could nto read the oulook file. The other files were OK.

DO i just copy the files or do i need to do export/import?
I think the 2nd Pc has a proble with outlook itself.
psts just required to be copied in sense of import/export. outlook should be closed & hdd should not have problem on that block.

pst never have any issue to stop copying
sam15Author Commented:
i do not understand.
Are those files listed as "Office Data FIles" PST files or not?

Is there a diff if i copy the file using drag/drop or shall i use export in outlook.
ost files are also listed as office data files.
go to my computer -> organize-> view -> select view hidden files, folder
then see the extension of pst files. if extension is pst than ok, else forget

better do drag/drop. easy fast & you will have exactly same file in outlook....
import/export can merge into another file & create seperate file...
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