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Combo Box Filter

Hello Experts,

I have a DB attached (Example DB) with a combo box filter (cbo_Filter_NMI) located on a form (frm_Premise).

Whilst leveraging off a previous example (Find-record-w-combo) I saw published on EE, I am having some trouble integrating this into my DB.

Essentially, the filter references a query (qry_Search), which is then used to populate the fields within the form, frm_Premise and its subform (frm_Participants). Once selected from the query, the record will be able to be edited, viewed etc etc.

I can get the filter referencing the query easily enough, but am having some trouble applying the On-Click Event code from the example to my DB.

For instance, on the line within the code, Forms!frm_Premise!frm_Participants.Form.RecordSource, is there a better way to extract the required records from the query considering there are so many fields within both the forms  frm_Premise and frm_Participants (NB: I do understand that more fields will need to be included within the query for this to work)?

Any suggestions and assistance would be warmly received. :)


Private Sub cboFilter_Click()
    Dim filter_a As String
    Dim filter_b As String
    Dim filter_c As String
    filter_a = "[Row ID] = '" & cboFilter.Column(3) & "'"
    filter_b = "[Row ID] = '" & cboFilter.Column(4) & "'"
    filter_c = "[Row ID] = '" & cboFilter.Column(5) & "'"
    Forms!tbl_A_FORM.Filter = filter_a
    DoCmd.ApplyFilter , filter_a
    Forms!tbl_A_FORM!tbl_B_FORM.Form.RecordSource = "SELECT tbl_B.[Row ID], tbl_B.Parent_ID, tbl_B.Desc FROM tbl_B WHERE tbl_B.[ROW ID] = '" & cboFilter.Column(4) & "'"
    Forms!tbl_A_FORM!tbl_B_FORM!tbl_C_FORM.Form.RecordSource = "SELECT tbl_C.[Row ID], tbl_C.Parent_ID, tbl_C.Desc FROM tbl_C WHERE tbl_C.[Row ID] = '" & cboFilter.Column(5) & "'"

End Sub


Private Sub cbo_Filter_NMI_Click()
    Dim Filter_A As String
    'Dim Filter_B As String
    'Dim Filter_C As String
    'Dim Filter_D As String
    Filter_A = "[Row ID] = '" & cbo_Filter_NMI.Column(0) & "'"
    'Filter_B = "[Row ID] = '" & cbo_Filter_NMI.Column(4) & "'"
    'Filter_C = "[Row ID] = '" & cbo_Filter_NMI.Column(5) & "'"
    'Filter_D = "[Row ID] = '" & cbo_Filter_NMI.Column(7) & "'"

    Forms!frm_Premise.Filter = Filter_A
    DoCmd.ApplyFilter , Filter_A
    'Forms!frm_Premise!frm_Participants.Form.RecordSource = "SELECT tbl_B.[Row ID], tbl_B.Parent_ID, tbl_B.Desc FROM tbl_B WHERE tbl_B.[ROW ID] = '" & cboFilter.Column(0) & "'"

End Sub

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Thank you Armen. Given me some food for thought and pointed me in another direction.