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How do I use spaces in DSADD to bulk import users

I have been using dsadd for a while now with almost no problems, until today. I've always used identification numbers for the CN, but today I need to use FN LN. My problem comes in with the way I run the command, and I cannot find a way around this issue. The moment I have the space in the txt file, it automatically jumps from %%A to %%B. I have included an example of the two "batch" files below.

The Command:

for /f "tokens=1-6" %%A in (AllUsers.txt) do (dsadd user %%A -fn %%B -ln %%C -samid %%E -upn %%E@contoso.local -hmdir %%G -hmdrv h: -pwd 12121)

The List file:

"CN=John Doe,OU=Computer,OU=staff,OU=compname,DC=contoso,DC=local"      John      Doe      doej      doej@contoso.local      \\servername\useraccounts\staff\doej      H:

Is there a better way of doing this? I mostly use this when we have to recreate the AD structure, or redo the server without having an usuable backup of the AD.
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You need to have the list file tab separated (or any other character that is NOT appearing in the rest of the strings).
Then use
for /f "tokens=1-6 delims=[TAB]" %%A in (AllUsers.txt) do (dsadd user %%A -fn %%B -ln %%C -samid %%E -upn %%E@contoso.local -hmdir %%G -hmdrv h: -pwd 12121)

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(Obviously you'll have to replace [TAB] with a real tab in your editor).
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Thanks, works perfectly.
Great! You're welcome :)