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How to resolve an error Server busy or unable to fulfill request ????

i am in the process of trying to migrate my coldfusion , mysql server to vmware.

in the process i have broken my original 2003 server.

while migrating i changed the hardware for acpi multiprocessor to uniprocessor and back again.

ever since then my more complex coldfusion querys have failed with the error.

Error Occurred While Processing Request
Error Diagnostic Information
Request canceled or ignored by serverServer busy or unable to fulfill request. The server is unable to fulfill your request due to extremely high traffic or an unexpected internal error. Please attempt your request again (if you are repeatedly unsuccessful you should notify the site administrator). (Location Code: 26)

while simple queries continue to work.

I tried the complex query directing in mysql and it worked , so mysql seems ok.

please help

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You tagged your question with CF5.  Is this the version you are running?

If you were using a newer version of CF then what you did might screw up the JVM that CF requires to run.   I had a similar behavior once when we set the maximum JVM heap size too big in ColdFusion Administrator under the JVM settings so you might take a look at that.  Have you tried reinstalling CF?
Have you made sure that your mySQL driver is upto date?

check out:
In your CF Administrator, turn on the detailed debugging information so you can see the actual error message.
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