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tool to log where usere are surfing to

Hi all,

As part of thighting our security policy's I want to be able to lock down some whebsites our company users are surfing to.
During office hours. and are site's none of our users need to access during office hours.
So I want to lock them down. But I want to see what other sites are being surfed to.
I don't need to know what user is surfing what site. Only need to know what sites.

how to block the sites? in ISA server or as I did it: I created a forward lookup dns record with nothing under it. So they get an error when the open
what is the best way to block websites.
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Krzysztof Pytko
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I would suggest some proxy software as ISA or squid. You can forbidden categories without knowing each web site domain name. You can also track in logs users activity. Proxy software is much more convenient in management than creating each dns zone and fake entries for websites.

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I have Isa server running. however when I try to see the user activitie in the log sections. It display only 1 entry on a whole day. This is not how it should go.
How can I see the user activity log in ISA server?
I'm not an expert in ISA but I found some information on EE Please check them, maybe it would be enough

3rd party tools or plug-ins to monitor Internet traffic's-Web-Access-in-ISA-Server-2000.html?sfQueryTermInfo=1+10+30+isa+monitor+site+user+web

and something free for use's-web-site-visits.html?sfQueryTermInfo=1+10+30+isa+monitor+site+user+web

as I told you. I'm not expert and I don't use these programs. So, please wait for other experts from this field for more accurate information

get GFI software for your ISA
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Do you require authentication on your ISA proxy? If not then you will not see where the user was surfing. You can only get the source IP.

However if you will use authentication, this will work seamlessly only with IE, other browsers will require to enter separately credentials.