Insert a set into one table and use the new Id as FK in second Table

I want to insert a set into Tabel A and another set into Table B.
Each generated Id from Table A should be inserted as FK in Table B.

How can I do this for the complete Set?
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You can do it in two ways:

1) Insert data into Table A and then get the primary key Id(SCOPE_IDENTITY()),  Insert  into Table B (you can use transactions for this )
2) Insert  the data in both the tables, then update the ID in Table B
mr-kennyAuthor Commented:

I like to to this:

INSERT INTO newTableA (Col1, Col2, Col3)
  SELECT Col1, Col2, Col3 FROM oldTableA
INSERT INTO newTableB (FK_A, Col2)
  SELECT ???, Col2 FROM oldTableB

each id of the newTableA should be FK in new Table B
Can you please show me a code example?
It need to be understand what data should u move to new table from old. Pls provide sample data.
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mr-kennyAuthor Commented:
what data do you need? I try to explain what I want to do:

- I hava an old Table A and I want to copy the content (150 rows) into a new Table A (Id is auto generated)

- Then I have a Content from old Table B (150 Rows) that i copy into new Table B (Id is auto generated)

- Now I want the id for each row in new Table a insert as FK into table b

Declare @TableA_ID Int

INSERT INTO newTableA (Col1, Col2, Col3)
  SELECT Col1, Col2, Col3 FROM oldTableA

Set @TableA_ID = Scope_Identity()

if  IsNULL(@TableA_ID,0) >0

INSERT INTO newTableB (FK_A, Col2)
  SELECT @TableA_ID, Col2 FROM oldTableB
mr-kennyAuthor Commented:
This will not work it will insert only the last id into the FK Col
Some work you need like when you create new Table create with old_id should be inserted into it.
when inserting data in FK table FK_id should insert as NULL value and after this update that FK_id values with new Table id.

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mr-kennyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Yes I think using the old Keys is the easiest solution. With the old Keys i can keep the relation and Update to the new Keys,
Thanks for the support
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