How to transfer files to desktop

I am using red hat Linux. How can I transfer files from the Linux server to my desktop without the use of Winscp or any other GUI? Basically, I want to use Linux commands to perform this operation.
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Steven VonaCommented:
scp username@server:/dir/file /home/username/Desktop

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Steven VonaCommented:
You can look up the manual pages for the scp command for more options. Just Google man scp
Will_PAuthor Commented:

This is what I am using scp e87898@ and Settings/u13397/Desktop .....
Is my command written correctly because I am unable to scp. Also, I am on a work computer. I do not know if that makes a difference.
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Steven VonaCommented:
Well it looks like you have a windows path in there

You are not going to be able to do this with windows, unless openssh is installed, which most likely it is not.

So my questions for you:

1) Does your windows box have openssh installed?

2) Can you use something else that is more Windows friendly but less secure? (FTP??)

You can also set up shares if you like to move files from one machine to another.

Steven VonaCommented:
Also edit your above post and block out your IP address.  put x.x.x.x in its place for your security.  It would be a good idea to never post your public IP address, specially when its coupled with your username.

Will_PAuthor Commented:

Thanks, it is not my real ip address. Just an example.
Steven VonaCommented:
Ok, you had me nervous there for a second.  :)

So back to your question....
Will_PAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help. iIam able to use Winscp, I was just wondering if there was a way around it. On a few of my servers I am unable log in at root level and use Winscp but no big deal.
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