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Indexing Problem

I am having problems with both WIndows and Picasa locating files/pictures on my Windows 7 computer.

Are there any problems with indexing of files that are inside folder after folder?  I typically clean up my desktop into a folder about 3 times a month and then keep putting the next desktop clean up into the last and so forth.  This leads to about 50 folders deep.  

I have to find some pictures that I am looking for to get to a meeting this morning and I know they are on the hard drive, but I cannot find them.

What was weird was that I briefly found them in Picasa.  It showed me the folder and thumbnails of the pictures.  Then I went to "Locate on disk" and it would not take me there.  I tried to maximize the pictures and it would not.  So, I went to "Move Files" and it asked me to give it a name for the new folder but not a path.  I gave it a name and then they promptly dissappeared never to be seen again.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi hadhazi1,

I'm wuite sure Picasa doesn't relay on Windows indexing service to locate images. Anyway you shouldn't have the problem you're having. I'm guessing there's something else going on in your PC. You might wanna check for viruses. Also, check your HDD to see if you find any problems. Also, try and defragment it (If there´s no virus, this should fix the problem).
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If you know the exact name of the pictures or even a partial name in windows 7 you should be able to find the folder in which they are stored by clicking on the start button and just start typing the name of the file. If you do not know the full correct name of a file, even the starting letter you can use wild cards like "?" For example if I was looking for cdburner and typed in "?dburn" the indexer should find the file I am looking for and the folder it resides in.
another wild card you can use is the * So if I am looking for an article called: "Connect Keyboard to bluetooth". All I need to type is *k*d* and the indexing will find my article.
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Well, you would think it would work that way.  But it did not.  I just found the pictures that I was looking for but only after I manually went in and went 35 file folders deep into the desktop cleanup folders.  The file was sitting right there labeled with the exact name that I had been searching for.

Is there a way to do a search that will only located folders?  This way I do not have to look thousands of other small files being found at the same time.

You can. Open a Windows Explorer window, browse to "Desktop" (it should be available on the left column above any other folders) and then type the name of the file in the search box in the upper-right corner of your window. You can also use wildcards there as suggested by web_tracker.
Is it possible that the title was mispelled for example if I was looking for an article called penny stocks and typed in pennystocks in the index search it would not find the article. But if I just typed in penny the indexing would find the article. It is possible that some of the settings may be turned off. You can change the search to defaults.

If you want to search only specific folders you can type the name of the folder then ad the / , then type the name of the file. ie "computer/" then name of my file "xp" would find an article I am looking for in "C:\Users\Owner\Favorites\Computers and Technology\computer hardware\Dell" entiled: "How to change default icons in windows xp"

I did spell it correctly - many times :)

It just did not find it.  I also found allot of other picture files that it had not found.  I am thinking that it had to have something to do with how deep they were in to the folders.  I am pasting all of them only one folder deep and will then have picasa re-index to see if it then picks them up.

Is there a way to set a filter or otherwise just search for all MS word or PDF files?  This is something that I run into all the time.  I try to type in .pdf or .doc to limit it but then it still returns a gazillion files.

Thanks for all your help!

You can just by typing *.pdf for all PDF files in the folder you are looking at (and sub-folders) and the same for *.doc, etc.

You can also do *happy*xmas*.pdf to search for a file called "I wish you a happy xmas.pdf"
You can change the default search... so it will find exact names. Open up an explorer window, ie click on the computer icon...

Click on the "organize" button on the top of the screen, scroll down to "folder and search options", click on the "search" tab then uncheck "find partial matches" this will force the system to find only pdf or doc, but then you need the exact spelling of the document.
also uncheck the box "include system directories" since you dont need to look in there for files you have created. Make sure the following box is checked "include subfolders in search results......." to ensure that all subfolders are checked.
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