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Why does VMware ESX 4.0 power guests on automatically

We have 2 VMware ESX 4.0 serverrs running DRS but NOT HA.  They are managed through vSphere server / client.  It's a fairly standard install.

Last night, for reasons I cannot explain, one of my powered off virtual machines was powered on by the system.  This machine has been powered off for over a month.

Can anyone explain to me what could have caused the machine to power on?  I performed the P2V virtualization myself several weeks ago then powered off the virtual machine and left the physical machine running.  Obviously when the VM came up last night and my physical machine was still running, that caused some problems.  Here is a screenshot of the events for the VM. User generated image
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Within the vSphere client, look under the Configuration, Software section. There is a sub-category called 'Virtual Machine Startup & Shutdown'.

See if the VM you are referring to is listed in the Startup Order to automatically start up.
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There was no good solution or reason why this machine powered on.