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Exchange 2010 as resourhe domain. Global Address book doesnt work over domain trust


I have dedicated Forest for my Exchange Server 2010 which is installed in hosting mode. Then I have other domain where users are usually stored. I have two way trust between these two domains.

Everyhing is working as expected if I add user to Exchange Server 2010 locally. There is no problems. My goal is to link my users from that other domain to Exchange (over domain trust). I have tried this command:

New-Mailbox "User1" -UserPrincipalName -Organization Company -LinkedDomainController "AD1.domain.local" -LinkedMasterAccount domain\user1 -OrganizationalUnit Users -LinkedCredential:(Get-Credential domain\administrator)

Im able to link my user to existing account in other forrest and get mailbox working with that command. I havent tested this yet very much but address book is not working. This "user1" is not able to see address book in OWA (except his own of course). He is able to send and receive emails and other users which are stored in that same domain where exchange is stored as well are able to see that "user1" in global address book. So what I have made wrong way?

thanks in advance :)



PS: Our multi tenant environment has installed pretty much like it has explained in this article:
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Sounds like the adress book is not working at all :)

Did you try to look the address book from the Resource forest administrator account ?
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I found the solution via other path.