static field problems

Hello all,

Im getting the following error for the attached code..I believe line 28 in the code is causing the problems..

PersonProblem_09_3a.cpp:28: error: extraneous `int' ignored
PersonProblem_09_3a.cpp:28: error: conflicting declaration 'Account Account::nextAccountNumber'
PersonProblem_09_3a.cpp:12: error: 'Account::nextAccountNumber' has a previous declaration as `int Account::nextAccountNumber'

PersonProblem_09_3a.cpp:54: error: no `void Account::dislplay()' member function declared in class `Account'
PersonProblem_09_3a.cpp: In member function `virtual bool Account::makeWithdrawal(float&)':
PersonProblem_09_3a.cpp:64: error: stray '`' in program
PersonProblem_09_3a.cpp: In constructor `CurrentAccount::CurrentAccount(float, std::string, float)':
PersonProblem_09_3a.cpp:72: error: class `CurrentAccount' does not have any field named `balance'
PersonProblem_09_3a.cpp:72: error: class `CurrentAccount' does not have any field named `owner'
make.exe: *** [PersonProblem_09_3a.o] Error 1

Execution terminated

Someone help please?

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

class Account
  float balance;
  int accountNumber;
  string owner;
  static int nextAccountNumber;
  void construct(float, string);

  Account(float, string);
  virtual void display();
  virtual bool makeWithdrawal(float &);
  virtual void makeLodgement(float &);
  int Account::nextAccountNumber = 12345;
class CurrentAccount: public Account
  float overdraftLimit;
  CurrentAccount(float, string, float);
  CurrentAccount(Account, float);
  virtual void display();
  virtual bool makeWithdrawal(float &);

 Account::Account(float _balance, string _owner):balance(_balance),
  Account::Account(float _balance):balance(_balance){}
  void Account::construct(float _balance, string _owner){
       accountNumber = nextAccountNumber++;
       balance = _balance;
       owner = _owner;      
  void Account::dislplay(){
       cout<<"Account owned by " << owner << " , account number: " 
       << accountNumber << " , balance : " << balance << endl;
  bool Account::makeWithdrawal(float& amount){
       if (balance > amount){
           balance = balance - amount;
           return true;}
           return false;`
  void Account::makeLodgement(float& amount){
       balance = balance + amount;

  CurrentAccount::CurrentAccount(float _balance, string _owner, 
  float _overdraftLimit):balance(_balance), owner(_owner), overdraftLimit
  CurrentAccount::CurrentAccount(Account a, float _overdraftLimit):
                  Account(a), overdraftLimit(_overdraftLimit){}
  void CurrentAccount::display(){
    cout << "And overdraft limit: " << overdraftLimit << endl;}
  bool CurrentAccount::makeWithdrawal(float &amt){
       if (amt<=(balance+overdraftLimit)){
           return true;}
       else return false;

int main()
  Account a(100.0f, "Derek Molloy");
  CurrentAccount b(200.0f, "John Doe", 500.0f);
  CurrentAccount c(a, 1000.0f);

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evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
You are missing a semi colon off the end of your class definition at line 26. Incidentally, the definition of a static needs to go into a .cpp file, you can't have it in the header otherwise it'll generate errors about duplicate definitions if included in more than once translation unit.

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You forgot the ; at the end of the Account class definition:
class Account {
    // <SNIP>
};                              // <--- this one

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heh :)
oggiemcAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys..
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