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low light photography without flash using nikon d7000

i want to get nice shots with ambient light (meaning the natural light in the room of restaurants, living room with x-mas tree lights only...) so i can catch the glow of light on peoples faces as they are illuminated.

all i have is the kit lens for the nikon d7000 for now... looking to get a 2nd lens to help with this after i can figure out what lens that will be. this is the cornerstone of my question.

the problem i see with my current shooting is that when i shoot the shutter takes so re is blurred because the subject (people) move.

with my basic understanding of photography, i get that there needs to be sufficient light and with low light the shutter will stay open longer, especially since my aperture is not large at all with the kit lens - 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Nikkor

am i missing something here?

or am i correct in looking for a lens with larger aperture to get sharp low light images of moving subjects?

please let me know if i am off base, and if i should require a new lens, please also suggest the lens and reason to me (so i can grow my knowledge as well)

thanks all
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Ofcours you can set a higher ISO value so you can use a shorter shutter speed. But perhaps you knew that allready, don't know how basic your knowledge is......
1st: Nice camera, but it seems it might not meet your needs. I think you would have benefited more from a FX camera... but here goes!

ISO The higher the more noise, and the more light let into sensor
Exposure - Shorter means less blur, and less light. Longer means more light, but more blur. You will have to observe this yourself, but with a big enough aperture and a high ISO you should be able to shorten this.
Aperture - You want a fast lense. Something with f1.8 should be good with with ISO 6400, you should be able to get a nice short shot, maybe 1/400s shutter.

You can turn the ISO up or down for noise, but it will effect your shutter speed.
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aside from a f1.8 what lens in particular should i be looking at?
prime, zoom? can you link me to a great lens for this situation?
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