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Problem with gpo folder redirection in 2003


i have a problem with gpo

The old gpo was directed to some non existing mapped drive, so i change it to the correct path(sever2003) and defined that my document user folder will be redirected to a good path instead of the "U" drive.

Problem is that that it dont work, the defualt redirection is still there(localy) and in the event viewer i still can see error event that it is going to U drives but failes to gind it, even that i complitlly delete it and define it to that specific OU so there is no more specific gpo about it. Also tried to make new profile/ created new user in that OU but same logs, failes to go to redirect to the old definision U drive ( relication is ok.

How do i debug it?

Thanks a head
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Thx, will give it a try on sunday.

Does MS bugs never go away?
o_O  If they did, we would all be out of a job. :)
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hehe...knew that one :)

by the way, how do i see which policy object are applied on currect user/computer (which policy name, like "defualt domain policy" and etc...), whiout rsop.msc which only shows the result without where it came from

Combine it with GPResult in verbose mode.  It will tell you what is what, but it is very, very long, so be careful.  I would save it to a file rather than dumping it to your screen.