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IIS Default Web Site IP Address


I am running Windows 2003 SP2 server. I have IIS installed on there.  The servername is with IP Everything is set up in DNS.

If I go to

IIS > Default Web Site > Properties > Web Site > Web Site identification

Then under IP address, only is listed. This caused some problems recently, because I could not access the server from another machine as IIS was only listening on the loopback address.

I have heard that IIS, by default, should listen on [All Unassigned] addresses. I checked some other servers in my domain, and they had the same setting (i.e. only). So I'm confused as to how this occured. I can't see any IIS Group Policy settings....anyone know how this setting could be set on my boxes? Or is the default setting?
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Also, It is possible that IIS may have been installed before the interfaces were assigned the proper IP addresses.  The install would have been done from a console and the interfaces may have been disabled at the time.  Not 100% sure.
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check your NIC IP4 property if their set correctly. sound like your set the loopback as the gateway. remove the gateway ip from the loopback and that should let you be able to configure your IIS host IP.
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Thanks both.

The NIC IP4 properties are set correctly.

The servers are VM's that were scripted....possibly IIS was installed before the IP addresses on the virtual NIC was set?

Otherwise, is there any way Group Policy or similar could be enforcing this and what would be the advantage of this?
Not sure about the Group Policy causing this.  The great advantage is that nobody can access your ISS server without logging on as a console session.  Nothing is more secure than no access as all ;)

Are you saying that you CANNOT change the settings?  Or just sort of wondering why it was default?  I would say there is a high probability IIS was up and running before the interfaces where.  However I cannot prove that.

I can change the settings, was just wondering why was the default.....yep, think you're correct in your diagnosis :-)