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Second 2003 Exchange server

I just added a second 2003 Exchange server...

I moved one mailbox successfully. TEsting mail with this email account returns the following

Mail to istself works
Mail to another internal account works
Mail to outside account works

Mail sent to test account stuck in queue
Replies sent to emails intiated by test account stuck in queue

On second exchange server I set smart host to be first exchange server. All internal IP addresses allowed to relay. all other setting default.

any ideas?

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Shivkumar Sharma
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You dont need to add smart host as the first exchange server. Just make sure they are in the same routing group and administrative group also and the mailflow between the servers will work
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OK I removed..

I just found that when doing an ehlo the second server responds with the dynamic ip and not the static ip given before Exchange install.

I am not sure how to correct this.
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