move physical location of FTS catalog on prod sql2005

I'm looking at a SQL Server 2005 database that has the mdb and logs on the E drive, but for some reason has the full text catalog on the C drive.

How do I move it to the E drive?

Also note this is a production single stand-alone server... will the solution need downtime, a reboot?

thanks all!
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Use a two-step process.

1, detach the database first.
Use Master

-- Set database to single user mode

-- Detach the database
sp_detach_db 'YourDB'

Step 2: Now copy from current location to another location:

USE master

-- Now Attach the database
sp_attach_DB 'YourDB',
'D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data\YourDB_Data.mdf', --old location
'E:\Move LogFile here through T-SQL\YourDB_Log.ldf'

realcodingAuthor Commented:

the mdf and lddf files are int he correct location on the E drive.

the database also has a full text search catalog that is located on the C drive.

i need to move only the FTS catalog from the C drive to the E drive.

also note, i would prefer a solution where i dont have to take the DB down as this is a production system
My bad, sorry.

Here is a link that has instructions on how to do that.

Go down to the section titled: To move or copy full-text catalogs between local drives or paths on the same computer that is running SQL Server

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I also found this Microsoft KB about relocating your fts catalog same time you are relocating your database.

Have a read:

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