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web site designer for mac

Hello Experts,

I have created a website using iWeb, but I cannot see the code in it.
Is there any software which is very user friendly and I can modify site easily, preview and publish.

Please let me know
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Jason C. Levine
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Dreamweaver functions very well as a front-end development program and allows full access to the source code.  Expensive, though.
I second that.
DW (Dreamweaver) is in my opinion one of the best for visual effects
It lets you see as you are developing the site.
Do live edits and well, just about anything.

This is also a good tool for learning to do server side coding as well.

To add to the Expensive part.
DWCS5 does come with a 30 day FREE trial.
>> DWCS5 does come with a 30 day FREE trial

So work fast ;)
Yep, but it will give him/her a means of testing it out.
iWeb is not intended for those who want to edit their own code.  It does a lot of things thru javascript that should be plain HTML and because of that, is not particularly search friendly.  Also, some features are only available when you use Apple's hosting.  To use another editor, you have to 'publish' locally like you do to use FTP.
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Eoin OSullivan
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Dreamwaver is $399 , that is way costly for something I am not doing for business,
Any other options please ?
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I could give it a try with BBEdit or flux.