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MySQL: getting rows for a given date

Hi all,

I have the following query:
$sql = "SELECT messages FROM user WHERE sent_date='".$yesterday."'";

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With it I select all the messages sent to the users yesterday.

In my database sent_date looks like: 2010-12-28 11:55:30

But with $yesterday I get: 2010-12-28

So I get 0 results.

How can I modify my query so I can select all the messages from yesterday no matter the hour?

Thanks a ton
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Ray Paseur
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$yesterday=date("c", strtotime('Yesterday'));

Then try the query.
This article should give you the background information you need.

After you have a chance to read that, please post back with any specific questions.

best regards, ~Ray
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Thanks Ray, but  I think I did not explain myself properly:

If $yesterday is 2010-12-28, it does not match 2010-12-28 11:55:30 in the database so I get 0 results when there was a message sent yesterday.

Using strtotime I get 2010-12-28 00:00:00 which does not equals 11:55:30 so I get 0 results anyway.

How can I get just the date and not the hour from the database?

Thanks a lot for the article I'll have it around for the future.

Thanks again

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Then I might try $yesterday = strtotime("Now - 1 day");  It really just depends on what your logic requires.  If yesterday was December 28 and it is 4:00pm now, do you want to show everything from December 28?  Or do you want to see only those things that happened in the last 24 hours?

But you probably do not want to use an equality test in the query.  Time is advancing.  Something more like this might be what you want.
$sql = "SELECT messages FROM user WHERE sent_date > '$yesterday' ORDER BY... etc..."
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Thanks a lot!