OPENQUERY () slow from linked server, if run from PL/SQL Developer significantly faster...ideas?

Hello, I have a linked server to Oracle.  If I run a SELECT statement using OPENQUERY, it takes 20 mintues to return 8000 records.

BUT If I run the same SELECT statement in PL/SQL Developer, it takes less than a minute.  

I need to 'speed up' the query as currrently (the 8k records) is only 1 day's worth of data and I need to do a 3 year date range.

Code below...I've abbreviated it a bit, I have several fields coming from each table (rgv and nmv).  They are each views in the oracle db - I've tried dissecting the views and pulling directly from tables to no avail, same speed issue.

SET @strsql = '
''SELECT rgv.field1, rgv.field2, rgv.field3 etc, nmv.field1, nmv.field2, nmv.field3 etc
WHERE rgv.field1 = nmv.field1
AND rgv.date1 >= '''''+convert(char(11),@BeginDate,13)+'''''
AND rgv.date2 <= '''''+convert(char(11),@EndDate,13)+'''''
EXEC (@strsql)

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Som TripathiDatabase AdministratorCommented:
You should use SSIS to copy data from Oracle if you have to work on a large volume of data.

1. Use SSIS to copy table using the same query to a staging table.
2. Use the staging table for your further processing.

Linked server can not be preferred when you are working for a large volume of data. Since it uses MSDTC, it consumes your host's physical memory apart from memory utilized by SQL Server.

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angelnjjAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I've got experience doing that, and will try in this scenario - I just didn't want to recreate the wheel...thanks!
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