look at these details and tell me how it works?


how does this device work, when the magistrate told me to use one to time and date the decibels, to take neighbors to court over barking dogs.

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Enabbar OcapCommented:
Looks like the clever part comes with the electronics.
It suggests you can set it to filter out unwanted signals, so if you wanted to measure dogs barking you could probably filter out road noise if you wanted. It looks like if you need it connected to a computer during monitoring for a timed analysis of the results. (optional software and usb lead not included).

Basically it is a microphone connected to a meter, the louder the sound picked up by the mic, the higher the reading on the meter.
I would check with the magistrate or a similar party that results from this particular equipment will be acceptable as evidence, I would have thought a tape recording or better a video of the dogs barking would be enough evidence. The video would be better for proving the time of day. The noise-level meter will be able to tell exactly how loud a noise was.

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nickg5Author Commented:
What the magistrate told me is what creates the unknown. He said all I would need would be the noise meter. He never mentioned how many decibels he requires and never said anything about time and date.

If I go in there with nothing but a decibel reading it might not be enough.
Others, like the police, say video and audio and times.

Losing the first time might make the 2nd time harder. My bedroon window never moves and the dog cage never moves and they are 25 feet apart so I doubt the decibel reading changes. The meter could be hidden maybe alot closer to the cage but still on my lot.

Enabbar OcapCommented:
The UK has restrictions on noise, but there is no fixed level at which the noise is decided to be a nuisance so it sounds like its it similar where you are.
The instructions here are to report it to your local council who will usually put you in touch with another department to deal with it.
Some UK information here:
(It does specifically mention barking dogs, but doesn't say much about it other that you should try to have a quiet word with your neighbours first)
It looks like the amount of nuisance is decided by someone from an official body and if they decide the noise is too much they can issue an order which has quite serious penalties for non-compliance.
Sleeping with your windows open in the summer is not an unreasonable desire, and if dogs are barking all night that would be annoying. I'm sure you don't mind a bit of barking occasionally through the day, and would positively welcome it if it identified that an intruder was on your property or next door.
If all you are asking for is a quiet night then I would think that proving that it is more than one night (Like every night), and for unacceptably long periods and loud should be enough to identify a nuisance.
nickg5Author Commented:
quiet word with neighbor is impossible.

the lady across the street called the cops on Friday. I went outside and it got nasty. 2 police cars showed up, and it took any hour to get it over with. So, the woman and I and the dog owner's are not allowed on each other's property.

2 barking dogs in a cage 24hours and 7 days a week, only 25 feet from my bedroom window.
A 3rd dog another 10 feet away.
I've got threads on multiple forum including EE to get all help I can get. I know the law and how to proceed. Been researching locally for 4 months.
The burden of proof on it being a nuisance is on me. I'ved got threads on dog barking devices with ultrasound, audio and video time and dated, so forth.

The magistrate left me hanging when he said "all you need is the decibel noise meter reading." He did not tell me what level he requires, and I was in no position to ask.
nickg5Author Commented:
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