task management

I need to find a task management solution that is web based, but also has a desktop application.

I need a solution which has desktop application{mac} and web based.
Basically I have mac at home and xp in office.

Any Ideas.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Am I to draw the conclusion that Lotus Notes couldn't provide you with a solution?
If cross-platform is really important to you, Remeber The Milk is probably my best suggestion. Webbased, but with some third-party desktop apps available, you are probably covered. I haven't used it myself, and was held back by its multitude of inputs and features.

So, personally I went for Things, a clean, nice and to the point GTD-friendly todo application. It's Apple-only, but with the desktop app as my main planning tool and the iPhone app to go, I'm basically covered everywhere too. And cloud-sync is coming...
And of course there's the ever-present Google Tasks...
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bond7Author Commented:
Lotus domino is application server which needs to be setup and maintained, I do not want to set up infrastructure.
Is it reasonable for one personal productivity?
bond7Author Commented:
I also like things but I have a xp at office and I cannot access my tasks from office!!
I cannot use iPhone in office all the time, it should be on xp desktop hence the need for web based !

I do not know of any application which will work in both mac and xp and will be as good as things.

The great divide between mac and xp!!
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Just to understand your requirements a little better: you say "I need to find ..." but for how many people? I get the idea it's only for yourself that you want a solution. In that case, what is your idea of Task Management? What are tasks?
bond7Author Commented:
In GTD , the task is next action for a simple task or part of project.my understanding is the same.
My taska are discussions, analysis,tracking ,follow etc.
Rest are personal errands,interests, initiatives ..
I would like to keep track of everything that is in my head..

I know of a few different ones. I just installed Collabtive on my web-server. It is descent, but I have found one I like more. You can try out TeamLab, it has a free service that is very useful. It allows for 30G of upload storage free, and you can import your BaseCamp data to it.

Check it out:

I was going to throw in another nod for Things and the iPhone if you have one. This is a much better electronic system than David Allen had with his Palm Pilot 10 years ago. His solution was to supplement the electronics with real life objects: in baskets, pens, napkins, whatever and then get things inputted on religiously regular basis.

Bento would be another cool app to investigate.

Are you using Mobile Me? That would give you web based access to calendar, contacts, some data files and notes.

I know that these are not the answers you are looking for and I am not saying there isn't a better solution. I hate it when experts don't have the real answer you are looking for.

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Actually, I think you just need an iPad.
bond7Author Commented:

I have a iPad .

Please tell me more.
If you are a fan of David Allen and GTD, the you will find Things to be a good fit for that model of task management. The iPad will do a wireless sync with the Mac at home, but then again, that would be more necessary with an iPhone. With the iPad and $10 worth of Things, who needs to have it on the Mac? Also, I wonder if it's possible to have a reliable 3-way sync with your iPad. Then you really would have  your list everywhere you went.

I was being a tiny bit facetious about the iPad, but since you have one, I would think it would be much better using that than having to be at a computer to use Things. According to David Allen the problem with most lists is that you don't have them when you need them (either for input or output.) The iPad addresses that issue rather nicely and sidesteps the need for a cross-platform system.

Of course, if you have an iPad there are many different applications you could use to achieve the approximate functionality of Things. Google Docs gives you web based apps that are available on every computer including your iPad. Simple spreadsheets can work well as a task manager. Although I haven't seen or been able to create anything as elegant as Things.

Check out the video for all three platforms here:
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