Setup NAT on Sonicwall TZ170

We have setup a device internally ( and I need to setup access to it from outside the office.

We have a Sonicwall TZ 170 with the Enhanced OS v3.2.3.

I know I have to setup the following:
*address object for the device (done by IP not MAC)
*service for the device for port 5001 on both UDP and TCP (done)
*NAT policy for routing (done but I may have done it wrong)
*WAN>LAN firewall rule for the service (done but I may have done it wrong)

We don't need a LAN>WAN rule for the firewall as we don't block anything outbound.

I am able to access it internally with no problems but I get Page Cannot Be Displayed when I try from outside.

How should the NAT policy and Firewall rule be setup?

Thanks in advance!
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what i'd recommend is to use the public server wizard.  however, seems you have most of it configured at this point.  what i may see you need is to have a reciprocal NAT policy.  you need two NAT policies: WAN > LAN and LAN > WAN.  additionally, you are correct regarding the firewall only need WAN > LAN.

The NAT should look like this.

Source Original: Any
Source Translated: Original
Destination Original: WAN Primary IP
Destination Translated: Address Object on LAN
Service Original: Original
Service Translated: Address object for port 5001

Source Original: Address Object on LAN
Source Translated: WAN Primary IP
Destination Original: Any
Destination Translated: Original
Service Original: Original
Service Translated: Address object for report 5001

The public server wizard will create these NAT policies in addition to a loop back.  in this case you don't need a loop back policy.  if, after you've added the reciprocal NAT policy, it still doesn't work, then i'd recommend deleting the address object for the LAN host, the firewall rules, NAT policies and running the public server wizard.  when you run the wizard, select the address object you created for port 5001.

Question: regarding the service port, since you've specified TCP and UDP, you must have more than one service object, right?  if so, did you create a service group representing both objects?

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fuzzysneekersAuthor Commented:
Hi digitap,

Yes, we have a service group with both protocols in it.  That's what I used for the NAT policy.  We weren't sure if the DVR units (security cameras) used TCP or UDP so we wanted to cover both.

I looked at my NAT policies, I only have the first so I'll setup the second.  Mine looks a bit different though, for the Original Service I have the DVR service group and for the Translated Service I have Original.

I'll try setting up the second policy and post back.


yes, i have referenced the service incorrectly.  you have it right.

Service Original: Service Group
Service Translated: Original.

Sorry about that.
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fuzzysneekersAuthor Commented:
Hi digitap,

I figured out where I made the mistakes.

When I setup the WAN>LAN policy, I had the wrong original destination set.

Also, when I setup the firewall rule, I set the destination as the DVR device rather than the WAN Primary IP so the NAT policy never took over.

I made these two corrections without setting up the second NAT policy and it's working like a charm.

Thank you!!!!!!!
great...glad i could help and thanks for the points!
fuzzysneekersAuthor Commented:
I made an error in the firewall rule setup, digitap helped me find the error on the NAT policy and I found the other mistake when I was double checking everything.
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