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Change Ultra VNC "view only" password

I just installed Ultra VNC on a new server. I can connect to the server but only in "view only" mode. When I tried to change or delete the view only password on the server, the change is never accepted. I am logged in on the server as the local administrator. The server is Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. How can I change or delete the "view only" password?
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delete the ultravnc.ini file from the installation directory and set yourself a new password.
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From the Settings you should be able to change it. You have to put a different password for the view only.
Right click on the VNC icon in the systray, then admin properties.
Use the password you put in the 1 box. If you use the password in the 2 box or if you put same password in 1 and 2 then you'll be Read Only.

 But if you are running something else than Vista or  server 2008 or windows 7 maybe you could go to RealVNC (4.1.3 is free).  User generated image
did you try this at all?
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I just uninstalled and reinstalled and that worked.