vpn down

Our internal VPN all of sudden went down.  Here is a pic of what it looks like.  I can use the number below it which is the ip address of the server.  Any reason why this would happen?  
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no pic.  what's the hardware establishing the vpn?  is the internet still functioning at both ends?
mkramer777Author Commented:
Not sure what hardware is establishing it.  I'm pretty new at this.  I know that our ISP provides us with a VPN so people in other states can hook up to us.  But he said he has nothing to do with the internal.  The internet is still working fine.   d
i guess i don't understand what internal means.  to me, a VPN is established externally to give you internal access on your private network.  what does internal give you?  have you power cycled all the hardware that would establish the VPN?
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mkramer777Author Commented:
I'm not sure about the internal VPN as well.  Here is why we needed it.  We had a switch go bad and someone brought in another switch and did not configure it.  They just plugged it in so it grabbed an ip address.  Everyone that was plugged into that switch could not get to shared printers and folders.  We then had them connect with the internal VPN and everything was fine.  Someone is coming back to program the switch so we are back to normal.  
so, programming the switch will remove the need for the internal vpn?  if that is true, then i think you are good to go...at least until they complete the switch programming.
mkramer777Author Commented:
Still doesn't give me a reason that the internal vpn does not work.  On that pic I sent where it says internal there used to be an ip address in there and now there is nothing.  
i understand.  when establishing a vpn, you have to connect to a vpn device.  when you connect, you get an IP address.  my guess is the vpn device needs to be restarted or someone has gone in and disabled this function with the vpn device.

that's the best explanation i can give.  another expert on EE might be able to shed more light than i have been able to.
Normally adding a switch, in most configs, doe snot take any IP addresses, it normally works at layer 2, ie all on the same net.

The fact that the new switch seemed to take an IP sounds odd to me.  It suggests that if it has an IP then it may not be switching packets, thus not letting the internal interface get an IP via DHCP.

I would say the main issue is with the new switch, we need to make sure that its configured as per the old one.  Once we have this fixed, we can then review the internal VPN to see if that is still failing


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