How to print to desired dimensions from Adobe Photoshop.

I drew a picture with a number of animals. I didn't like the positioning of some, and to try my newbie skills in photoshop, decided to select and paste the different animals into different layers in a NEW document. I was able to move the animals to my satisfaction, but to my dismay, when I went to print it out it was half the size of the original. The canvas size for both documents is 11x8, but I noticed when I moved the animals to the new document in Photoshop, they already looked smaller. How can I keep them the original size? Please help. Thanks in advance.
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When you created your NEW document in PhotoShop, you need to specify that you would like it to be 600 DPI, then they will show up, and print properly. You probebly used the default "72" DPI, the same aspecp of your monitor.
sheana11Author Commented:
No, the NEW document is 600 DPI. For some reason when I put the objects into a new document, they reduce in size. I juggled the scanned image and created layers in the original document and that printed out almost the same size, as the scanned image is 12x9 and my paper size(largest) is 8.5 by 11(I print it out in landscape). It's got to be something else, I think.

OK, so it may be the images your importing are not 600 DPI.

You can use Photoshops SCALE function, to enlarge the photo to the side you need in that new document that is 600 DPI.

From the layer you need to edit, press the control key and A (To select the entire layer)

From the edit menu, select Transform, then select scale. You will notice the Anchors around the image, if you hold SHIFT while moving one of the corner anchors, you will be able to scale the image up to the size you need.

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sheana11Author Commented:
Thanks, it worked!
Glad I could Help!
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