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Excel and Lotus Sametime Connect IM

I would like to put a Sametime Icon in a cell on an Excel Worksheet with a link to open Lotus Sametime Connect .

Users can continue. to work in Excel without having to close out and the find Sametime to use it.
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Which version of Sametime are you using?

I know that the Release notes for Sametime 7.5.1 list a procedure enabling Sametime integration with Office, :

look for office and you will find it.

If you reply with your version a can give a more specific answer.
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Unfortunately I'm using an older version V3.1.
I looked at the SDK for the V7.5 but the changes were too signifcant to use it
Also I'm in a corporate environment and can not  upgrade
I was able to get the answer from IBM Support
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Determined the answer from IBM Support