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BIS Blackberry integrated with OWA

Hello all, and thank you for your time.  I have a question my company just switched to erizon wirless and we all have blackberry bolds.  The blackberry connects to our exchange via OWA (BIS).  I'm trying to get a handle on how the synchronization's work because going through all the crackberry forums I am not reading a clear answer.

My question for all is since I am setup through BIS, if I delete an email or open an email on the handheld is that reflective  in outlook/exchange 2003 ?  I see there is an option for email reconciliation, delete from handheld only, mailbox and handheld but is that only for BES ?

My understanding is  and what I have seen thus far is that the hand held is synced with the exchange mailbox so what ever I do be it a delete or just open an email is reflective when I open outlook.

What I have read in the forums is that deletions in BIS are not reflective in the exchange mailbox so they are only being deleted in the handheld.

Can someone provide some insight on black berry.

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pjam from what I have read is that the reconcile was designed for blackberry enterprise servers so that function only works for BES.
Yes we have enterprise. BES, I missed the I part.
i must say I love my droid x and the app i use for email access.  I dont have any of those problems and syncs everything with no problems
This is what I found on blackberry site  GerryMtz you are correct but you should be able to turn off the reconciliation so it does not delete from the server.

Email messaging features
Features of wireless email reconciliation
Feature Description
wireless email reconciliation from the
BlackBerry® device
The BlackBerry® Internet Service is designed to reconcile email messages between subscribers'
BlackBerry devices and supported email accounts over the wireless network, so they do not need to
manage their email messages twice.
The BlackBerry Internet Service supports real-time delivery of messages to Yahoo!®, Google Mail™
(POP3, IMAP, and GIMAP), Windows Live™ Hotmail®, and AOL®  email accounts and automatically
marks Yahoo! email messages as read or unread. Messages are automatically moved to the deleted
items folder on Yahoo!, Google Mail (POP3, IMPA and GIMAP), and AOL.
If subscribers add aWindows Live Hotmail email account, email messages that they send from the
BlackBerry device are copied to the sent items folder in their email account.
Feature and Technical Overview BlackBerry Internet Service features
8Feature Description
If subscribers add a personal email account that uses IMAP or GIMAP or a work email address that
uses Microsoft® Exchange, the BlackBerry Internet Service copies email messages that subscribers
send from the BlackBerry device to the sent items folder and email messages that subscribers delete
from the BlackBerry device to the deleted items folder in the email account.
Note:  If subscribers file email messages in their email account, subscribers cannot use the forward,
reply, more, or attachment viewing requests on the BlackBerry device for the filed email messages
because the BlackBerry Internet Service treats the filed email messages as deleted email messages.
wireless email reconciliation from the
work or personal email account
For any existing email account that supports the synchronization of deleted items, subscribers can
delete an email message from the inbox in their email account, and the email message is also deleted
from their BlackBerry device. By default, email reconciliation for deleted email messages is turned
on. Subscribers can turn off email reconciliation for deleted email messages from their BlackBerry
Internet Service account.
The BlackBerry Internet Service marks email messages as read or unread and the sent items and
deleted items folders are synchronized for Yahoo!, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL , and Google Mail
(using IMAP or GIMAP) email addresses.
If subscribers add an enhanced Yahoo! email account, they can open, delete, or send an email
message from their Yahoo! email account and the change is reflected on their BlackBerry device.
notification of new email messages The BlackBerry Internet Service is designed to continually check for new email messages for the
subscriber, and to automatically send new email messages to the subscriber's BlackBerry device.
The subscriber does not have to request new email messages.
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BIS and BES are 2 different services, if you already have BE Server in your company you need your service provider to know that your using BES.