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NTOSKRNL.EXE BlueScreen While Playing Games

I'm currently working on a IBUYPOWER PC.

The OS is windows Vista 64 bit
Running a 1000 wat power supply
285 GTX
Intel Dual Core

No overclocking

The user claims its been crashing during gaming, After digging up minidumps looks like the latest i could find was...

Mini102710-01.dmp	10/27/2010 4:36:53 PM	SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION	0x0000003b	00000000`c0000005	fffff800`024d8928	fffffa60`0dc9ff50	00000000`00000000	ntoskrnl.exe	ntoskrnl.exe+5a4d0					x64		G:\minidump\Mini102710-01.dmp	4	15	6002

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While looking at the dump it looks like the problem is
ntoskrnl.exe      ntoskrnl.exe+5a26e      fffff800`0220f000      fffff800`02726000      0x00517000      0x4c0e5ae3      6/8/2010 9:59:47 AM                                    

I'm pretty new to tring to decode BSOD's So if you need any more Info Let me know.

I am still Testing, i only post this here to see if anyone has seen this error before and knows a fix.

Currently i'm stress testing the Video Card, so far on full load at 90 C, no problems.
Next i will Check RAM, Then HDD, then run Prime95 to Stress CPU.
If none Fail, i will Update all drivers and Bios.

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Looks like the mindump didn't post properly, let me attach it here..
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You're right there's very little to go on at the moment

Stop Error/BugCheck: 0x3B  
Parameter/Argument 1: 0xc0000005 0000005, Exception code that caused the bugcheck
Parameter/Argument 2: 0xfffff800024d8928 24d8928, Address of the instruction which caused the bugcheck
Parameter/Argument 3: 0xfffffa600dc9ff50 dc9ff50, Address of the context record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Parameter/Argument 4: 0x0 0000000, zero.
Probable Cause ntoskrnl.exe ( nt+2c9928 )

You might want to Google sptd.sys at this stage in case it fits what your user is getting.

Otherwise let's see what you come up with in a more "controlled" environment :)
Ok Ran Video stress test for 30 mins, no problem at full load.

Ran Mem Test for 7 passes, no errors

Now running HDD Test.
HDD Test passed

Updated all drivers

Ran another Stress test (Fubar)

Went to lunch, came back to another BSOD


Attached minidump

Now Evidently we have NTOSKRNL again and NVMFDx64 From what i get is part of Nvidia Drivers.

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Ok evidently i lied, i actually ran the stress test via FurMark.


According to him only during gaming.

The user actually doesn't use the onboard sound and has one of those fancy new SB XFI cards.

I installed nvidia driver 186.18, which i hear is best for the 285 GTX, after an hour, no crashes, will continue to run.
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Downgraded to a previous nvidia video driver and it fixed everything.